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Just as the cocoon of a silkworm is refined and crafted to produce an exquisite silk cloth, we’ll take your brand through the same transformative process to leave Chinese consumers captivated.

As a food and beverage brand trying to expand its footprint within China, it can almost seem impossible. From understanding the unique consumer landscape to evaluating the competition, lacking the right brand and business strategy can be detrimental.

That’s where we come in. As an insights-driven brand consultancy with decades of expertise within the Chinese packaged food and beverage industry, we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve exceptional growth.

Armed with the perfect combination of insight, strategy, innovation, and design, we take a holistic approach with every strategy to ensure that your brand will thrive.

Here’s What We Believe In
While the “Silk” in our name represents the transformation we’ll take your brand through, the “Initiative” stands for what we believe in. That is to go the extra distance to surpass our clients’ expectations through creativity, tenacity, and by always being on the leading edge of the latest consumer insights and what these mean for your brand strategy.

Andrew Kuiler

Andrew Kuiler

CEO, Founder
Tom Sommers

Tom Sommers

Client Services Director, North America
Joel Bacall

Joel Bacall

Senior Client Manager
Cherie Han

Cherie Han

Jie Lu

Jie Lu

Project Coordinator
Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron

Client Manager
Jean Liao

Jean Liao

Associate Brad Consultant

Insights Driven Brand Consultants

We utilize world-class qualitative and quantitative research tools to help ensure solid strategic direction for our engagements. Depending on engagement need and budget we utilize online and offline, primary and secondary sources.

Our Tools

Online Mix <br />Scanner Online Mix

Digital, web scrape on category marketing mix propositions to determine what client optimal mix should be, based on consumer feedback and sales for their category.

Trend <br>Watcher Trend

Expert and network interviews to help client keep their finger on the pulse of the next big thing in food and beverage.

Cultural <br>Immersion Cultural

An exclusive first hand mental and physical immersion of Chinese culture, through online KOL commentary, and offline store and city exploration.

Wechat <br />Panel Wechat

Make your target your friend via TSI's exclusive online WeChat Panel -a fast and efficient way to sense check an idea or just say hello.

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Semiotic <br />Decoder Semiotic

A break down on Chinese pop culture with TSI experts, to decode the colours, messages, connotations or photography need for your brand.