Aron Solomons 

Associate Director

I’ve worked on literally thousands of brand concepts. In my experience, they usually boil down to the same four or five elements. That means there’s a lot of white space brands just aren’t capitalising on. I’ve made a career out of helping clients, from multinational giants to smaller challenger brands, find their unique point of difference in a market filled with little variation.


I lead TSI’s work in the EU and UK. Based in London, I help ensure all research leads to actionable strategies that can be clearly implemented to achieve your business objectives. ​

Before joining TSI, I worked at Mindshare in both London and Shanghai. I've developed data-led marketing and brand strategies for a range of clients, including Nestle, Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson, and the New Zealand Tourism Board.​ Originally from the United Kingdom, I have a MA from Cambridge University in Geography.


In my spare time you will find me improving my Mandarin or writing about cultural happenings connected to China.​