"Is there a market for us?"

Breaking into the snacking category and producing a new flavour line for China

A popular Australian whole-grain snack company wanted to enter the China market and tap into the burgeoning health food craze but wasn’t sure if consumers would be interested in their products. They came to TSI to determine whether there was an opportunity for their products. If so, who is their target consumer and how do they position themselves?


A Growing Interest


Through our discovery work, we conducted quantitative surveys and market analysis which determined that there was an opportunity for our client’s products. In addition, we also found out more about their target consumer. However, we also discovered that their product claims and formula needed some adjustment for local needs and preferences.


Start Talking About Taste


In Australia, our client’s product is positioned as a healthy snack. While health is a growing category in China, consumers don’t expect a snack to be healthy – they expect it to be tasty.


Many claims that are compelling in the West, such as low-sodium or gluten-free, actually raised concerns among Chinese consumers that the product would be bland. That’s why we recommended to stop talking about health, and start talking about taste. 


Sizing the Prize


To understand the true size of prize, the TSI team first developed 60 new flavour concepts that we then reduced to 15 for further testing. Through an online consumer survey (using TURF analysis), we recommended 3 flavour options to launch into the China market. We then optimized these flavours through an extensive CLT study across China, before wrapping up with a size of prize and source of volume engagement. 


These deliverables provided the team with full visibility on actual in market forecasting and an actionable sales and distribution plan.


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