“Where’s my
to play?”

Getting a new company off the
ground in China

San Miguel Yamamura Australasia, or SMYA, is an established leader in packaging and contract wine filling in Australia and New Zealand. SMYA approached The Silk Initiative with the intention of developing a branded wine offer specifically designed for the Chinese market. They wanted to find the space for SMYA to play in, build up the relevant brand, and identify the right product solution through to visual activation. 


Gauging Triggers and Testing Concepts


The Chinese wine market is not only growing in terms of sales volume, but is also becoming more diversified. However, with that we see in our research many wine brands are standing for similar credentials. Through an

in-depth analysis, TSI identified overall awareness of SMYA brands among Chinese consumers. In addition, we explored what triggers would persuade consumers to purchase Australian wine. 


TSI then developed three separate proposition directions based on target profiling, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking. Our concept testing diagnostics utilizes a range of key performance indicators in order to derive the winning direction to take forward.


Bringing Data to Life


TSI used our emotional and functional frameworks to assist in examining competitors and really bringing data findings to life.


Using these frameworks, we were able to analyse other Australian wines to determine unfulfilled emotional and functional needs in the market and where the white space was for a new challenger brand to play – ultimately leading to the creation of a new brand.


Looking to the Future


With the overarching proposition landed, we worked with the client partner by recommending concept development directions. The goal was identifying ways to work with consumers to actually articulate the optimal marketing claims, benefits, and reasons to believe as a brand to communicate throughout the marketing mix.


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