An Australian lobster company needed TSI to move the brand out of the commodity space and into a ‘premium-consumer’-facing brand for this burgeoning Chinese consumer segment. This client’s brand-strategy initiative was one of our proudest achievements at The Silk Initiative.

As F&B brand-strategy specialists, we’ve advised clients such as Pepsi and Campbell’s in China, which presents a wide range of challenges. Partnering with a brand such as Brolos (from The Geraldton Fisherman’s Cooperative) to develop its China brand positioning, proposition and packaging strategy presented a unique and rewarding opportunity working for both a brand initially accustomed to B2B, and also working with a large business with lower exposure than some of our FMCG clients.


Our strategy work helped to inform a range of brand-activation decisions, such as which messaging to articulate, and which logos and lockups to use throughout communications. We assisted in developing creative videos, consumer brochures and trade materials, plus the China brand book that Brolos uses for all brand-launch touch points (PR and advertising planning).


Our client is moving beyond a commoditized product (lobster) in China and into an entirely new business with a consumer-facing retail brand available online. They also know how and where to activate its brand in-market. Brolos can guide Chinese partners such as creative agencies and retailers, on how to position and market the Brolos brand across China without concern for deviating from the TSI-developed, China-market strategy. We are looking forward to the rest of Brolos’ Chinese journey.

Watch our fun video below to see how the TSI Shanghai team celebrated being among the first recipients of the live-lobsters that Brolos delivered to apartments in urban China through