Pepsi Foods came to us to with a pre-determined market space in China and needed help to break out of the breakfast-cereal territory and to expand with morning-snack product ideas.

Pepsi had experienced significant success in converting Chinese consumers from a morning ritual of rice congee to more Western- style cereals. Now Pepsi wanted to stretch into beyond-breakfast occasions to help them continue leveraging their healthier brand equities.


Through ethnographic research covering four cities across China, we became morning, breakfast and Chinese-snacking experts overnight.

We dove into consumers’ habits, practices and occasions and guided them through rigorous idea-co-creation-workshops to push the boundaries and create a revolutionary product range for Quaker’s morning-snack market. We funneled nearly 50 new product solutions into 12 new product concepts that the TSI team wrote for final consumer validation.


Our insights and expertise provided Quaker with a five-year pipeline of new products that began launching in 2017.

To showcase our findings to senior stakeholders at Quaker, we leveraged our production partner to create a snappy 5-minute video to demonstrate the lives of our consumers and how they played a pivotal role in the product-development process and likely success. This video even attracted the global CEO’s attention!

Quaker has since launched two SKUs (see above) into the China market.