One of Australia’s oldest dairy companies approached us to ‘help determine if it should enter China with a yogurt or a protein-based dairy product.’ Then once TSI ‘nailed this, build a brand and product line’ for them.


Through market mapping and extensive quantitative research across 3 Chinese cities, we determined the drinkable-yogurt category was the most sizeable and the best focal point for the business. We set out through qualitative consumer research and other secondary approaches such as social listening to understand the dairy category, to explore the consumers’ needs that existing brands and products weren’t meeting, and how to define ‘probiotics’ in the market.


Through our insights-led, statistics-driven approach, we pioneered strategic thinking in the yogurt market to determine how a foreign brand can potentially win in China. We designed our approach and solution with a target profile in mind and with a clear ‘size of prize.’ We developed a unique opportunity space that fed into later brand- and product-concept development that our client is preparing for launch.