It all comes down to execution.

We’ve all heard the saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. While that does ring true, planning alone isn’t enough to ensure the success of your brand. Instead, it’s your ability to execute on that plan that matters.

While strategic planning will give you the direction you need, effective execution is the driving factor that defines the results you’ll achieve.

That’s why we’ve developed the Launch Pad and Market Monitor, to guide you in bringing your brand and product strategies to life. These custom solutions are here to help you formalise the partnerships you need for a successful launch, and then monitor and refine your campaigns for enhanced growth.

That’s exactly what we did for Kjeldens, a Danish butter cookie brand owned by Campbell’s Soup.

TSI Launch Pad & Market Monitor

When Kjeldens first approached us, they were facing an onslaught of local competitors who had larger marketing and distribution spends. Kjeldens needed to implement a new strategy to help them stake their claim in the market by monitoring how consumers viewed the brand, and by launching a new and exciting creative campaign.

Well, through the Launch Pad, we leveraged our unique agency evaluation process to help them identify the best brand activation partners to ensure that their creative strategies were aligned with both their business strategies and what their consumers truly wanted.

We also ensured that the development of their new brand materials infused the fresh insights we identified, while retaining the key aspects of their brand that their consumers had already come to love.

The result of our partnership?

Their branding strategy was executed to perfection.

TSI product solutions

Following the launch of their new campaign, Kjeldens reported a significant uplift in brand awareness and category sales. Not only have they reacquired market share, they’ve also started attracting new consumers to their loyal following.

That’s because the Launch Pad wasn’t designed to just ensure an effective launch – it infuses creative, consumer, and commercial business needs to provide you with a strategy to amplify it.

Then, we’ve got the Market Monitor. You see, one of our clients had successfully launched their coffee-based drink in China in 2016. Although initially, their sales were substantially higher than expected, their exceptional growth rapidly slowed down in momentum.

As such, they wanted TSI to help them measure the success of their product in-market and identify strategies to reignite their growth.

TSI Market Monitor

So, we applied our unique Market Monitor process and studied input from their consumers to understand preferences, identify weaknesses in the brand’s delivery, and evaluate any potential barriers to growth. Once we pinpointed the key issues in the market, we then validated them through qualitative and quantitative methods, including a large-scale WeChat panel.

Beyond that, we investigated how our client introduced the new drink by evaluating factors such as competitive brand positioning, pricing and shelving layouts. We also gauged sales trends at various retailers and evaluated how our client’s competitors had been reacting to their launch by analysing the tactics that their competitors had implemented.

Finally, we identified opportunities for them to improve their product and refined their market messaging to better appeal to millennial consumers. Not only did this lead to our client successfully capturing their niche, we’re also annually monitoring and reviewing their performance to ensure their long-term growth.

As you can see, the power of upfront planning and strategy lies in how effectively you can execute on it.

So let’s have your execution perfected, together.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and we’ll show you how easy it could be for your brand to thrive in China.

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