Kjeldsen’s Danish Butter Cookies, one of China’s most beloved foreign brands, has been a staple of Chinese households for generations. Largely seen as a product to gift during special occasions, Kjeldsen’s approached TSI to bring their product into the everyday snacking habits of consumers. TSI was tasked with developing an agile, fast turnaround approach to gain platform understanding and begin development.


Innovate, Scale




2015, 2018


China, Denmark, Indonesia

But, with evolution comes complications. As the Chinese market continues to evolve and become more competitive, brands that once had dominance are having their relevancy called into question. Consumers are now spoilt for choice. This means brands are having to diversify not only their product offerings but also the occasions when these products are consumed. 

To gain an understanding of the occasions Kjeldsen’s could best capitalise on, TSI needed to understand how competitive and adjacent brands positioned themselves. This included not only cookies, but also confectionary, beverages, and alcohol. We then clustered over 200 packaging images into similar semiotic territories to gauge shifts in occasions and needs. 

Shift #1:The Chinese market has gone from enjoying the little things to more overt interaction

Shift #2: Consumers are also moving from mild indulgence to intense thrill seeking

Shift #3: Next, social exhibitionism is being replaced by an understanding of cultural capital

Shift #4: Technology has vastly increased a desire for, and access to, escapism

Our Hero Occasions

We then landed on the four occasions the brand could best capitalise on. Armed with these insights, TSI was able to create over a dozen concepts for rapid development, prototyping, and activation. Kjeldsen’s has now launched these into the market and into the everyday snacking occasions of Chinese consumers.