We’re making changes to help your brand thrive

TSI your brand bridge to 1.4 billion chinese consumersLet’s talk about change.

You see, in today’s fast-paced world, change is inevitable and we understand how hard it can be to stay ahead of the latest market trends and consumer insights. That’s why at TSI, we’ve decided to fight the good fight with you.

As you’ve probably heard, China will be drastically reducing tariffs on a wide range of food and beverages in the coming year. That means reduced costs, increased profitability and an opportunity for your brand to thrive. In light of the upcoming changes, we’ve decided to revise our core offerings to help you capitalise on the amazing opportunity at hand.

With our 3rd anniversary coming up soon, we took a peek under the hood of our company to get clear on exactly what we do and how we could best bring value to you. Well, what we’ve found is that while every brief is uniquely tailored to what our clients need, we’ve become known for our ability to help our clients identify market opportunities in China, develop their core offers and achieve exceptional growth.

So, to help you take your brand further, we’ve decided to double down on our strengths and focus on these three core pillars with the launch of our new core offerings.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to our new offers and walk you through some case studies that showcase exactly how we’ve helped our clients thrive in China.

While our competitors take pride in the number of clients they have, we take pride in the results that we get for our clients, and that’s exactly why we’re releasing our new suite of products.

We’re all very excited at TSI to finally share the news with you, so keep an eye out for my next email where I’ll share a case study about how we’ve helped our clients identify profitable opportunities in China!

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CEO, The Silk Initiative

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