Our Location

Our office is more than just an office. It tells the story of TSI's journey. 


From the moment you come in off the leafy laneways of Shanghai's Former French Concession, you become part of that journey too.  Here, you're greeted by steel panels that mimic the cellular structure of the mulberry leaf, the favourite food of our mascot the silk moth. Wooden wallpaper guides you through the space, purpose-built to be open, collaborative, and creative. The touches of brass, sun-kissed leather chairs, and black-paned windows all pay homage to Shanghai's history as the art deco epicentre of the world.

Designed exclusively by Shanghai-based design firm, Brody Dean, this democratised space has no hierarchy. We are all experts in our own right, providing clients around the globe with the insight, strategy, and innovation they need to succeed. 

TSI LR-143.jpg