A global personal care brand, with a portfolio of over 25 brands covering shaving, sun care, feminine care, infant care, skincare, and pet care, including a number of household suncare names, had been successful in other markets outside Asia. Recently the brand has been aiming to increase its share in Asian markets, specifically China and Japan. 

As part of this, the company approached TSI to better understand the Asian sun care market and consumer needs within it, towards maximising the success of its current and future portfolio. 








China, Japan, U.S.

Understanding the Consumer

To begin, TSI had to understand the drivers and attitudes of suncare consumers in China and Japan. We looked specifically at young females in both markets. Overall, we discovered four key insights which set the foundation for further work. 

Insight #1: Suncare is all about beauty and anti-ageing, not necessarily cancer prevention. 

Insight #2: Consumers care more about face care than lotions for the body.

Insight #3: Texture has to be kept light and spreadable. 

Insight #4: Channels differ between the markets, with Japanese preferring brick-and-mortar while Chinese purchase online. 

Developing Concepts

From these insights into the Asian suncare consumer and a number of other learnings over the course of the engagement, TSI devised four potential concepts for Edgewell suncare in Japan and China. These concepts addressed some of the main consumer drivers and barrier to adoption. 


Concept #1: Make suncare easy for consumers. 

Concept #2: Provide all-day protection which doesn't disrupt routines. 

Concept #3: Develop suncare tailored to different skin types. 

Concept #4:  Create suncare products with natural and organic ingredients. 

TSI is now working with the client to test a range of different concepts for Asian suncare consumers, with an anticipated launch date next year. 

"The Silk Initiative was new to us and the business challenge was new to us as well. With all this “new” there was a lot of scope for things to go wrong on a high profile project within our global organisation. Despite all this [TSI] did a great start-to-finish job of taking our business challenge and guiding us through an exploration to answer it."

Senior Manager, Global Consumer Insights