Introducing TSI Navigator™

The Chinese market changes at lightspeed. Yet, the conventional process for launching new consumer brands can’t keep up. Companies need agile data solutions to get to market faster.


Introducing TSI Navigator™, a dynamic data intelligence platform that gives you the unfair advantage you need to stay ahead of the competition.

To hear the Navigator™ story, check out the video below. 

To get there, TSI Navigator™ analyses purchase drivers, forecasts what consumers look for in new brands and products, reviews recent competitor brand launches utilising rich emotional heatmap technology, and tracks and predicts key flavour trends throughout the year.


Each month, TSI Navigator™ looks at 10 consumer food and beverage categories across 8 of China’s largest growth regions. Our expert team of F&B brand consultants then analyse and make sense of all this information. This keeps you ahead of the latest trends, biggest changes, and future direction of the Chinese food, beverage, and brand landscape. That way you can dig deep into what Chinese consumers really want.  


TSI Navigator is the perfect tool for everyone in your organisation.


  • Management can stay on top of market direction to strategise resources and capabilities for future success.

  • Brand marketers get real-time data to feed into strategies and campaigns.

  • Innovation teams have a critical source of information to facilitate and speed up product development.


All this leads to a more competitive, insight-driven, innovative company. TSI Navigator™ is your finger on the pulse of the Chinese market.


For a demo, or to sign up, contact Aron Solomons at TSI today.


Clients using TSI Navigator™ include

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