Will Brenner

Associate Brand Consultant

My approach to strategy and design is like my coffee - filtered, simple, and strong.


I bring a unique combination of strategy, innovation, and design to the table, working alongside TSI’s global client portfolio to realise their brand visions. This is supported by a focus on design-led thinking, meaning the insights I provide are always backed by what consumers actually want.


Although I’m originally from the coffee capital of Brazil, Vale do Paraíba, I’ve spent my career working around the world. Prior to TSI, I founded design agency DesignWB, to assist SMEs with their marketing, advertising, and visual identity. I’ve also channelled my passion for food into a premium baked-goods enterprise, Petit Flor. These entrepreneurial experiences have helped me broaden my understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, something I apply to my engagements at TSI.

When not tinkering around on InDesign, I’m usually at home playing my guitar or working on my downward dog in the yoga studio.

If you want to talk Brazilian food, or see how I take brands from concept to shelf, send me a message.