Yang Li 


I’ve never been one afraid of failure. Maybe that’s why I like to go bold with everything I do. Much of my life has been a series of bringing my creative ideas to reality, but only through experimentation and reflection.

Yang Li TSI.png

This mindset is a perfect fit to my work as an Innovator with TSI, supporting research and concept development for client innovation projects.


My strengths lie in empathy and creative thinking, which I use to deliver concepts that speak to customers' needs while retaining value for clients. My mixed background in business, food innovation, and design helps me understand problems holistically. Having lived, studied, and worked in six countries across North America, Asia, and Europe, I’m comfortable in an international setting. I am also an expert in understanding the underlying cultural contexts behind customer behaviour.​


Apart from looking at culture, I spend my time writing poetry and fermenting my own foods.